Gamma Pine5%

Highly Concentrated Disinfectant and Odor Remover

GammaPine antiseptic contains pine oil, phenol, isopropyl alcohol, soap, and scented oils. 

An active disinfectant and odor removing solution that is composed of unique, effective ingredients. 
A pleasant, refreshing and long-lasting disinfectant that retains its effectiveness and nice fragrance/odor for a long period.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin, inhalation and swallowing. 
Wash containers with water before discarding and disposal. 

Please, read the terms of usage. 
Don’t use of cleaning hand, face body and also food.

Storage Conditions: 
Keep away from children, food, and drinks. 
Keep in a dry, dark place between 15-25 C.

Solution to be diluted with water at 1 2% rate for the following purpose:

Disinfecting wounds, abrasion, scratches, bruises and insect stings/bites.
Disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms, sinks, toilets and removing bad odors. 
Disinfecting contaminated floors and walls as well as hospitals/patient rooms and nurseries. 
Disinfecting and cleaning stains out of contaminated, dirty white clothes (and this is made by soaking the clothes in the solution for half an hour before washing them).
For general cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals, schools, and general facilities. 
For cleaning and disinfection of incubators and hatcheries as well as removing any bad odors.
For cleaning and disinfection of stables, equipment, feeding troughs, pens, milking machines, hatcheries, and processing plants. 
For cleaning and disinfection of shoes at farms entrances and floors. 


Phenol-based concentrated multipurpose disinfectant

Gamma phenopine 2% is a PCMX antiseptic disinfectant. Effective against the broad range of Microorganisms including gram (+) and grams (-) bacteria, fungi, yeast spores and viruses.
Protein in the cell membranes of bacteria and viruses are destroyed.
The antimicrobial effect starts in 10 minutes after application. 
Aldehyde free
Low toxicity level

Each 100 ml contains:
2g PCMX (Para Chlora Meta Xylenol)
25g Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethyl Alcohol.
3g Non-Ionic active.
2g Pine Oil.

Areas of Usage:
Veterinary Clinics
Animal Hospital
Animal Transport Vehicles
Surfaces and ground in hospitals

Intention Preparation Application Form
Multipurpose Disinfection Diluted of 1/20-1/50-1/10 Scrubbing, Spraying, Washing, Mopping


Flammable and combustible, should not be used during the fire and no surfaces. 
Do not shed on fire. Read the instructions for use.
Do not use for cleaning hands, face, body and food. 

Storage Conditions: 
Store in the cool dry place away from light sources and at the temperature at not above 25 C.

Gamma Aldehyde

Highly concentrated disinfectant 6% glutaraldehyde and 12% QAC based.

Effective on gram (+), gram(-) bacteria, fungi, yeast, bacterial spores, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses with QAC and glutaraldehyde synergic composition.
Provides disinfection on surfaces, equipment, and premises where animals are held. 
Removes micro-organisms physically from the surfaces and kills while removing other soil and organic waste from the surfaces. 
Provides long-lasting effect even at low temperatures and in hard water.
Alcohol and phenol free formulation 
Long shelf life.
Each 100 ml contains:
6g Glutaraledehyde.
10g aikyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.
2g didecyl dimethyl ammounium chloride.
Excipients: surfactant, corrosion, inhibitors, complex makers.

Areas of Usage:
Poultry farms.
Veterinary clinic


Intention Preparation Application Form
General Daily Disinfection Dilute 1L of Gamma Aldehyde
In 200L water
300ml/m2 with spray
Terminal Disinfection Dilute 2.5L of Gamma Aldehyde in 2.5L water Use this solution of 5L for 1000m3
Foot Wheel and Container Disinfection Dilute 1L of Gamma Aldehyde in 200L water Should be applied by dripping. The solution should be changed once a week or when pollution increase

Include ammonium compounds; don’t use soap or alkaline products.

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool dry place away from light sources and at a temperature at not above 25 C.


Iodine 2.8%

Iodine based concentrated disinfectant multipurpose use in the veterinary sector.

Gamma Iodine 2.8% iodine based concentrated disinfectant effective against viruses such as Gamboro (HBV, HIV, HCV), Infection, Bronchitis, Newcastle, bronchite, gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria, fungi and spores by turning proteins synthesis.
Aldehyde free formulation.
Long lasting effect.
Environment Friendly.

Each 100ml contains:
2.8g PVP-(polyvinyl pyrrolidone – IODINE).
4.8 g PVA-(polyvinyl Alcohol)

Areas of Usage:
Veterinary Clinic 
Poultry farms
Water tanks and water tubes.
Animal transport Vehicles.


Intention Preparation Application Form
Disinfection of instruments and Equipment of houses Dilute of 1/100 – 1/400 Dipping, spraying
Disinfection of water Tubes, Nipples in henhouses and water Dilute of 1/1500 Dosaging, Spraying
Disinfection of vehicle plastic and footpath Dilute of 1/140 Dipping, Spraying
Disinfection of poultry houses farms and stales. Dilute of 1/100 – 1/400 Spraying, pulvaration, Mopping

It is compulsory for the person, who makes the application, to wear mask, gloves and overall. 
Rinse the milking machine and water pans with clean water before use. 
It must not be used with alkalines because it can make lower.

Storage Conditions:
Store in cool dry place away from light sources and at temperature at not above 25 C.

May contain Products of Gamma Industries


Gamma Quat


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Highly concentrated disinfection and cleaner.

Gamma Quat is an aldehyde- free and phenol- free concenter disinfectant and cleaner. It is effective on gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses though disinfectant effect and provide hygiene.
Effective against microorganisms on washable wipeable all hard and sensitive surfaces through having neutral structure.
QAC and alcohol-based synergic composition.
Broad effect spectrum.
Low toxicity level.

Each 100 ml contains:
10g Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. 
5g dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride.
8 g nonionic surfactants. 
5 g Propanol – 2
2g pine oil. 

Area of usage:
Veterinary clinics.
Animal hospitals.
Animal sanctuaries.
Animal Transport Vehicles 
Factories and Hotels.


Intention  Preparation Application Form
Multipurpose Disinfection Dilution of 1/30 – 1/100 Floor cleaning machine 
General daily cleaning and disinfection Dilution of 1/50 – 1/150 Wet Mop Tessel

Please, read the terms of usage.
Don’t use of cleaning hand, face, body and also food.
Keep away from children. 

Storage conditions: 
Store in a cool dry place away from light sources and at a temperature at not above 25 C.

May contain Products of Gamma Industries